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:: RPG Source :: View Article :: Capitalism, Christianity, School, Fuck it All

Capitalism, Christianity, School, Fuck it All
By Seifer [24/11/2002]
Okay, after my four previous surprisingly non-violent rants, back to my regularly scheduled mindless and extreme hatred for mankind.

Victim this time: a common target of my attacks, capitalism. It works great on a small scale. You get what you earn that way. But America + capitalism = FUCK YOU. I work 40+ hours a week of manual labor and I don't make 0.00001% of what Bill Gates, who does nothing more than sit on his fucking ass, polish his $20,000 coke-bottle glasses and scratch himself all day, makes. And I don't want to hear the fucking bullshit about how hard he used to work to get to where he is. Fuck you, he stole DOS and renamed it to MS-DOS. That's exactly how the fucking scumbag got started. Oh god, I bet that thievery was SO FUCKING EXHAUSTING. Go take a dip in your $500,000 spa to relax your ACHING MUSCLES, you fucking worthless piece of shit.

The bottom line is the power in American society is grotesquely out of balance. Fat fucking slobs in suits and ties like Bill Gates have a free ride and all the say in every matter while we are busting our asses doing all the work.

Let me extend my hatred of America into another subject entirely: the American school system. I was fucked in the ass WITHOUT LUBE by this so-called "system" for almost 11 years. Tortured daily because I was "different". Finally I figured it out. I would get myself expelled and sent to a school where I, not another of those fucking suited and tied slobs, determined when I would graduate. So I did some research, printed out some bomb specs and school blueprints and stuffed them in my locker. Come April 18th the police had heard about my outburst of "I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL ALL OF YOU" in P.E. several weeks earlier and called me to the office. Perfect, heh heh heh. As expected, I got arrested and expelled. 4 months later I was enrolled in an alternative school for "problem" students. They had an accelerated credit program, meaning I earned the credits as fast as I wanted. So I earned 16½ credits in a little under 4 months. I fucked the system. I couldn't be more proud of myself for it.

The American school system hides behind a very clever façade. On the surface, it pretends to teach you life skills and how to communicate with others. However, further analyzing it, you are expected to attend the full 12, 13, whatever number of years before you get that STUPID FUCKING PIECE OF PAPER that says "OK HE KNOWS EVERYTHING PLEASE GIVE HIM A JOB". This is why I deliberately got myself kicked out of public school. Not only was I tired of high school, I got sick pleasure out of dicking the system.

One final rant before I close off this motherfucker... religion. As some of you may know, I am a Satanist. Have been for 6 years. I've just stayed kind of low-key about it because people tend to not take teenage Satanists too seriously. "Bah, you aren't Satanist, you just want attention." For all you fuckers who think I'm Satanist because I'm attention-starved, here is my story... read it and weep, then go fucking jack off in your own eye. People have tried to force Christianity down my throat for as long as I can remember. I'm sorry, but I don't connect with the Christian "God" or any other "God" for that matter. I am your average teenager, aside from having no life. I don't feed on the blood of school children. I don't mutilate livestock. I may mutilate myself, but that's for my own amusement and if you don't like it you can fuck off. I don't abuse women, and I fucking hate people who do. I am very pale because I stay out of the sun as much as I can, but that's because I hate sunlight, and no, I am not a goddamn vampire. I just prefer being in the dark. For anyone who's still stupid enough to believe that Satanists are like some fucking cult who commits mass homicide and then ritualistic suicide in the name of Satan, fuck you up the ass with a pitchfork until you cum blood from your nose. Your mind has been tarnished by the Christians who continue to force their beliefs on people, beliefs that Satan is the ultimate evil and must be destroyed. To us, Satan does not represent evil. He represents the ability to fully enjoy life without having to do trivial shit like stop to worship Him multiple times a day as Christians do for their "God". Satan is not ego-starved like "God" is. He knows whether or not you really love Him. You don't have to fucking tell Him you praise Him. It's better that you SHOW Him how much you praise Him. Another common misconception is that Satanists randomly attack Christians. It is far from random. We are simply following one of our guidelines: loosely, "if a hostile person invades your territory and interferes with you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him." Face it, I don't give a shit who you are, you cannot deny that Christians are the pushiest motherfuckers around when it comes to religion. Shall we go back in history? Do you recall the Crusades? "Be Christian or we will kill you." It's sad that millions of these people exist, and that they've tarnished their own minds and the minds of others with their half-wit beliefs. Satan to us is the same as God is to you: the ultimate power, the perfect being. So stop fucking calling us blasphemers because we go against your will. "Your" will is a bunch of shit you've been force-fed by the masses and the big black book. You don't even know what you believe. Fuck you.
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