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It's Over
By Seifer [22/2/2003]
First of all, allow me to thank everyone for the e-mails I received asking me to continue this little section of the site. But I'm afraid things have come to a grinding halt.

Why? Well let's start with this site itself. The ambition it's shown is great, but it's still just an upstart site with a bunch of inexperienced teenagers at the reins, myself included. Throw in the fact that my personality mixes with the rest of the people on this site like oil and water, or more appropriately gasoline and matches, and I see no reason to continue this little charade of "I'm perfectly content working with these wonderful people" any longer. The fact is I hate half of the people I work with on this site. Hell, I even hate half of the site's visitors. And all I seem to get in response to that is "omg you're so angry calm down life is good" or "wow, you're a whiny loser". What's funny is I received that latter comment in my e-mail from an AOL user. I guess these people can't read, so let me make this clear, as this is my final entry. I DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU THINK OF ME. IF YOU CONTINUE TRYING TO MAKE ME CARE YOU WILL BE TOLD TO GO FUCK A GOAT UNTIL YOUR MICROSCOPIC PENIS SQUIRTS BLOOD.

That felt good. In any case, while I appreciate everyone's support, the Shaft is indefinitely suspended from RPG Source (read: I don't want to do this any more). I will be talking to X13 soon about removing it from the site altogether.
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