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:: RPG Source :: View Article :: Final Fantasy XI and PlayOnline.

Final Fantasy XI and PlayOnline.
By Cygnus [28/10/2002]
Okay, I've been wanting to spew my feelings about Squaresoft's idea of putting Final Fantasy online.

The idea sucks. Final Fantasy does NOT belong in an online enviroment. How do you run a Final Fantasy game when there's 5000000000 (figure of speech) other people in the same game? You don't get Final Fantasy. You get something like Diablo or Neverwinter Nights. The only difference being is that it's set in a Final fantasy world.

The fees that PlayOnline is charging I think is too much. It also in theory, plays down with modem users. (I heard is something like $19.99 converted from Yen to USD. Correct me if I'm wrong please.)

I have bills: Cellphone $37, Car $50 ($200 a month), Internet $20 (Soon to be $40,) I work on average 25 hours a week @ $8.27 an hour. I know that a little above average for highschoolers my age. The thing I'm getting at is: IF YOU PAY FOR A GAME ONCE THEN WHY DO YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT AGAIN AND AGAIN!?! "Includes one free month!" Big whoop-de-freaking-do. I plan on moving out soon after I graduate (June of 2003.) And I can't afford to play a game and continue to pay for it.

Bad, Bad, Bad idea Squaresoft. FFXII better be Console and/or PC only.


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