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Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance IIPS202/16/2004
Breath of Fire 5: Dragon QuarterPS209/24/2003
Castlevania: Symphony of the NightPSX??/??/????
Eternal RingPS205/16/2001
Final Fantasy AnthologySNES06/14/1998
Final Fantasy TacticsPSX01/01/2002
Final Fantasy Tactics (2)PSX??/??/????
Final Fantasy VSNES01/28/2002
Final Fantasy VISNES09/15/1999
Final Fantasy VIIPSX??/??/????
Final Fantasy XPS201/01/2003
Lufia and the Fortress of DoomSNES01/01/2001
Lunar: Silver Star StoryPSX06/26/1999
Shining Force IIGenesis09/19/2003
Star OceanSNES04/20/1999
Star Ocean: The Second StoryPSX06/23/1999
Star Ocean: The Second Story (Claude)PSX08/02/1999
Star Ocean: The Second Story (Rena)PSX08/02/1999
Tales of Destiny IIPSX07/17/2003

<Temujin> I'm pumping out twice as much as what's coming in.

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