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Seifer's Shaft
For anyone who doesn't know me by now, I advise you to turn back and go to another section because I am NOT a likable person when you first meet me. That said, let's get down to business. I'm a pissed off 18-year-old who currently resides in Texas, 1,012 miles from where I need to be. There are some things I like. Mainly good music (meaning anything but pop and country, really), good games (fuck Squaresoft) and shit along those lines. Anything that doesn't fall into the "like" category gets dropped into the "I don't care, kill it" category. Included in this category are people who are: narcissistic, egotistical, self-centered, immature (I believe this is going to turn into a Happy Apathy bashing so I'll leave it at that), the aforementioned pop and country "music", the government and the state it has this country (and the world) in... pretty much anything that doesn't go in the "like" category falls into this one. There is no gray area with me. I either like you or I orgasm over the thought of your slow and painful demise.

Now about my job on this site. I guess my main "job" is to bitch and complain in my section of the site (Seifer's Shaft) and maybe pitch in with a review or whatnot once in a while. If I'm in a good mood I might even help sort through mail. Sure, odd jobs, but what do you expect. I didn't take this job expecting some big important duty.

A word of caution before you enter my section. You will encounter mass profanity in this section. The F-word will abound, references to both male and female genitalia will thrive, insults to everyone and everything are contained within this section. If this is not acceptable to you due to religion, age, gender, sexual preference or dick/breast size, please stay away from my section. I don't want to hear your bitching. If you decide not to heed these warnings, then by all means proceed to my section. If you get offended then, you can't say I didn't warn you. Leave me an e-mail about it. I'll blast your bullshit back in your face and then some before you can say "Viagra overdose".

Enjoy the site.

It's OverSeifer22/2/2003754
Farewell to the Shaft?Seifer15/2/2003687
Ignorance and InstigationSeifer17/1/2003706
Would you like fries with that?Seifer6/12/2002777
Capitalism, Christianity, School, Fuck it AllSeifer24/11/2002876
Reconstruction, Terror and BrutalitySeifer20/11/2002768
Sheep for the SlaughterSeifer20/11/2002680
America the PitifulSeifer20/11/2002778
This Nation DecaysSeifer20/10/2002733
PINTEUM 4 R SO GR8!!!!11Seifer20/10/2002694
Take Your 8-) and Shove ItSeifer20/10/2002718
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