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:: RPG Source :: IRC JavaChat

IRC JavaChat
This java applet will allow you to connect and chat with other RPG Source users on #RPGSource, located on the DynastyNet IRC Network. A very easy-to-use program called mIRC is available for download if you prefer to use it. Connect to irc.dynastynet.net on port 6667 and join #RPGSource. See you there!

Also, be sure to check out channel stats for #rpgsource, generated by DynastyNet.

X13 has developed a set of mIRC scripts bundled into IRCsx. It is available for download here.

<Heavens_Enzuru> Look at it this way, you gotta scratch your ass? NO worries. I'll do it for you. You gotta yell at someone but too tired? NO worries, I'll do it for you. You gone but need someone to voice people? NO worries, I'll do it for you :D.

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