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:: RPG Source :: IRC JavaChat

IRC JavaChat
This java applet will allow you to connect and chat with other RPG Source users on #RPGSource, located on the DynastyNet IRC Network. A very easy-to-use program called mIRC is available for download if you prefer to use it. Connect to irc.dynastynet.net on port 6667 and join #RPGSource. See you there!

Also, be sure to check out channel stats for #rpgsource, generated by DynastyNet.

X13 has developed a set of mIRC scripts bundled into IRCsx. It is available for download here.

<Guinevere> Julian when you come here, we'll go dancing in the snow and I'll sing this. <Guinevere> And I'll wear a long coat and mittens. And ice skates. <X13> rofl <X13> k hun <Guinevere> Then we can go home and have sex. <Rith_Obannon> O_o <Rith_Obannon> So public.

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