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:: RPG Source :: View Article :: Bringing Back Nintendo: Reparation to the Past

Bringing Back Nintendo: Reparation to the Past
By Zurukai [21/3/2004]

by Zurukai

What do you think of when you think Nintendo? It's a great company, which makes great games, and makes great systems. Yet we see slowly Nintendo is losing its holdings to other larger corporations such as Sony and Microsoft. As we see Gamecube failing, and the Gameboy series preparing for a huge confrontation against Sony's new handheld system, we must pause everything and think: why? Why is such a great company in such peril? How
could something like this happen? And most importantly, how can it fix its mistakes, and what were they?. And this is what I have decided to discuss in my "Bringing Back Nintendo" mini series. I will try to address everything I see s a problem, and I'm also open to ideas at zurukai@rpgsource.net.

Reparation to the Past
Nintendo has been naughty in the past, there is no doubting that, and it is going to take alot to win back all it has lost. Since I'm only going to discuss how Nintendo is going to make its comeback, I will not go into too much detail of what they did, nor of their temporary merger with Sony.

But what I will talk about is how it lost a huge amount of third party support. Back when Nintendo had an indefinite monopoly on the market, they would charge absolutely intolerable fees for publishing on their system (this is most notable during the Super NES/Famicom generation.) That's one reason the third parties decided to leave Nintendo in the rain.

Another problem is Nintendo's teenage like attitude of wanting to be different(If everyone wants to be different aren't they just the same though?) Their first mistake was sticking with cartridges after the SNES (though I believe it was alright to continue using cartridges with the Gameboy since their comparatively cheaper to produce then N64 cartridges not to mention Gameboy games wouldn't be able to take full advantage of CDs). Though we can't readily see the effects that would have happened if Nintendo went with cartridges, we can readily assume that it would have gotten quite a bit more third party support, even though the N64 was hard to program for. There are also some rumors saying that if Nintendo had went with CDs just as planned with the SNES add-on, Square wouldn't have left for Sony...

Their second "we wanna be special" mistake was their absolutely brilliant first-party games. Yes, you heard me right: I'm blaming Nintendo for making great games. It was difficult for third party developers on Nintendo 64 to compete with these brilliantly designed games (Look at Super Mario 64 on the platform genre, or the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Action-Adventure genre). If you were to release in a genre which Nintendo had previously published in, your game was almost certain to fail. Sure Nintendo may have made lots of money, but it had scared off much of the remaining third party support it had barely managed to grasp upon the Sony Playstation's Launch.

So let's overview this part's points:
- Nintendo has a problem with scaring off third-party support. The mistakes it has done include:
- Heavy Royalty Fees
- Decision to go with cartridges on the Nintendo 64 console
- Excellent First Party Games

Thanks for reading, next time I will discuss "Problems of the Present". The logo for "Bringing Back to Nintendo" is an edited picture from www.gamewallpapers.com.

This article can only legally be reproduced on RPGSource affiliated sites. If you are an RPGSource affiliate please e-mail me notice that you are planning on using my article.

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