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:: RPG Source :: View Article :: The Old Lie.

The Old Lie.
By Zurukai [13/12/2005]

In one of the most famous First World War poems, Wilfred Owen describes the phrase “Dulce et Decorum est pro patria mori” (it is a sweet and right thing to die for one's country) as one of mankind's biggest lies. Such phrases are oft repeated throughout history, throughout our cultures, our religions, and are eventually engraved into our souls not as mere maxims, but rather as definite truths.

Today, I will be discussing what I tout the Great Lie of the electronic entertainment industry today: Nintendo has no third party support.

First off, a quick glance at the IGN Revolution's frontpage would show us the following...


I'm aware not all of those links show official support, however they all do show interest. And note that much more third parties have officially signed on than just those links: this is just the front page.

Anyone who has been keeping up with the gaming industry undoubtedly knows that Nintendo treated their third parties so crappy that by the time the SNES period was over everyone was ready to jump the Playstation bandwagon. However, along with admitting that, we also have to admit that Nintendo has gone to great efforts during this generation to heal its past adversities and ill deeds. The fact that a Square-Enix game made by an internal Square team appeared on Gamecube speaks words all its own. Sure, we all know that Square-Enix made the Crystal Chronicles deal just to get into the Gameboy Advance market, but nonetheless it shows that third parties are still willing to work with Nintendo, perhaps even more than during the Nintendo 64 or Gameboy Color age.

As much as I don't want to make this go into a debate about Nintendo's increasing/decreasing market share in the portable industry, we are also noticing that Square-Enix is still producing games for Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance despite that Sony, which owns a nice share of its stocks, is in that same competing field. The actions of these third parties are speaking much louder than the news bulletins are.

I'm confident we're going to see a very healthy generation for Nintendo, a generation packed with third party support.
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