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By Seifer [21/3/2003]
Yes, the Shaft is back up. Yes, Seifer has struck angst paydirt. Yes, the Shaft will go back on hiatus after this article.<br /> <br /> When I look at the Internet, I usually see a vast collection of useful information. Oh, and porn. Lots of porn. But lately I've seen nothing other than kids looking to get sympathy and attention from people. For crying out loud, the Internet is NOT a personal pity bank. Quit coming here just to be a fucking little attention whore. I know I get online to escape reality. As pathetic as that sounds, it's a hell of a lot better than bitching about your life and how much it sucks in text form. Go fucking make something of yourself if you're upset with the way life is going. Personally, I'm enjoying life right now. Granted some medication has helped me realize just how important life is to me, but at least I know why I'm here and what I want out of life. Or to put it more accurately, I know what I DON'T want out of life, and that's a bunch of sympathizers feeling sorry for me because of how my life's been up to this point. I appreciate them seeing my point of view, but treating me specially because of it is not only ignorant, it also pisses me off. Yes, I've gone through some hard times, but I'm digging myself out of them. And I want to thank everyone who's supported me through them. But there's a difference between me and these dumb fucking kids who do nothing but hop on the Internet to bitch and moan and try to get attention. I'm actually making an effort to improve myself and my situation. These people, and they KNOW who they are, couldn't give a fuck less whether or not people actually want to help them. They just want the attention that their whining gets them. I'm sick and fucking tired of it. Get off the computer and go accomplish something worthwhile. Get a job, smoke a bowl, go get laid, I don't fucking care, just keep your ignorance away from me.<br /> <br /> Oh and by the way, RM2K3 is for stupid kids with no knowledge of programming, just like RM2K was. If you use it, you're not even on the bottom rung of the RPG-making ladder. Thank you, have a nice day.
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